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Stay Cool...Play Cool!



CoolSport provides unique cooling products and other accessories to the sports industry. We specialize in distributing and representing high quality products to tennis retailers, pro shops and country clubs.  We work with golf pro shops along with stores in the following sports: running and team sports like soccer, baseball, softball and football.

The products we distribute and represent are unique.  Many of them will keep you cool for hours and others are just great for enjoying the sport of your choice as a player or spectator. 

Cooling products include: 

Chilly Pad™ Towel by Frogg Toggs

Chilly Sport™ Towel by Frogg Toggs™ - new

Chilly Dana™ Cooling Bandana by Frogg Toggs

FLX Cool Towel by FLX Gear

FLX Cool Wrap by FLX Gear

Cooling Neckbands (Neckbandoos) by Blubandoo

Filtered and non-filtered Water Bottles by EcoUsable

Other unique products include: 

Gorilla Gold Tacky Towel

Sammy™ Drying Towel

Headbands, Hairbands, Hats & Visors by Halo Headband

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Stay Cool with the Chilly Pad Towel - now in 9 cool colors! Just wet with water & it cools for hours.

FLX Cool Towel is soft when wet and will keep you cool for hours. Available in 5 colors.

Chilly Sport Towel

Chilly Sport Towel 

New in 2012. All the great features of the original Chilly Pad Towel but only 7 inches wide. Wear it around your neck while you play. Available in 5 colors!

Chilly Dana Cooling Bandana

Wear around your neck while you play or watch your favorite sport for hours of cooling comfort. Made from same material as the Chilly Pad Towel by Frogg Toggs.

FLX Cool Wrap

Wear around your neck or tie around your head and stay cool while you play. Made from same material as the FLX Cool Towel.

Gorilla Gold Tacky Towel Grip Enhancer - this all natural towel is made from bees wax. Use on sweaty hands & grips. Great for tennis, golf, baseball, softball & football.

Sammy Drying Towel great for drying off when getting out of the pool or after a hard workout. Known by swimmers and divers for years.

Blubandoo Cooling Neckbands -

come in a variety of styles & colors. Ask about the social action line for your charity events.

Halo Headbands, Hairbands*, Hats & Visors - includes patented Sweat Block Technology to keep sweat out of your eyes.

 *Hairbands do not include Sweat Block Technology

EcoUsable - presents the World's First Stainless Steel Filtered Water Bottle.

Stainless Steel Non-Filtered Water bottles available too.

Ideal for: Sports/Travel/Health

Unique Products

At CoolSport, we guarantee quality in all our products and trust that you will be pleased with your purchase. The Chilly Pad Sports Towel is great for tennis players, golfers, runners, bikers and team sports like baseball, softball, football and soccer. Also, great for anyone spending time in the heat, like spectators, gardeners and walkers. Take a look at our unique products today and contact CoolSport to place your order.

About Us

Involved in the sports industry for more than 10 years with over 25 years of business experience, CoolSport provides unique products and great service at affordable prices. Browse through our unique line of sports products and place your order today. Great products for retail stores, pro shops, country clubs and team fund raisers.

Ask about fundraising opportunities for your sports team or organization!

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